But she’s Adopted…

At a recent event my family attended I must have heard the phrase, “but she’s adopted” no less than 10 times. The first couple of times I heard it I was able to let it slide and not think much about it, but after hearing it time and time again it began to grate on my last nerve.

At this event we saw several people we have not seen in years (not related to us~ thankfully). They began to ask about our family and how we are doing. They asked about our son and I informed them that we also had a daughter. They said, “yeah we heard, but she’s adopted.” When said in that context it implies that she is less than or not really part of the family because of the adoption. I tried not to take offense but after hearing it several times in one night it really ticked me off. I finally just had to avoid these people in order to not set them straight.

My daughter is my daughter. It does not matter how she came to be a member of our family. Regardless of how outsiders view adoption our family is still a family and she is a vital part of our family. God placed her with us for a reason, and I will not allow others to treat her as “less than” because of her biological roots. I am just putting this out there…. you can not be my friend or family if you DO NOT accept my daughter 100%.

As a side note, a certain popular television preacher should be ashamed of himself for labeling adopted children as children who may be brain damaged and possessed. He went on to say that you never know what you are getting with adoption, well guess what you also never know what you are getting with a biological child.

I am so tired of the irgront things people say, think, and feel about adoption. Where is the love that God said we should have for all people?


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