5 Years Old Today

MbikeMy little girl is 5 years old today. Time is flying so quickly with this little girl.

She outgrew her tricycle several months ago and has since been begging for a bike. We decided that we would get her one for her birthday. It was not a surprise since we let her go with us to pick it out. She is very excited about her new wheels.

I think it is common for moms to remember the day a child was born on the birthday of the child. I wish I had some memories of that day. I wish I had known about her on the day she came into this world. Sometimes I feel a little short changed because I missed the first week of her life. Sometimes I feel guilty about feeling short changed. Even though I missed out on the first days of her life I feel so blessed to have had all of the other days with her.

Today I am happy to celebrate 5 years of  life for Madilyn and the wonderful gift of adoption.

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