Who picked me up?

C_M2The other night at dinner we were having a normal conversation when Madilyn once again asked me, “did I grow in your tummy like Caleb.”  I feel like we have had this conversation a million times, but really we have not.  Sometimes I am tempted to ignore her question and pretend like I did not hear it, but I know she will continue to ask until she gets an answer.

In the past this conversation has always lasted about 4 minutes and always is exactly the same– You did not grow in my tummy, but in another woman’s and she could not take care of you, so we were asked if we could and we said yes, so we adopted you. It usually ends with me telling her how much I love her and I am so glad that I get to be her mommy.

However, this time it was different.  She asked me a new question. This time she asked, “Who picked me up?”  This is the first time she has ever asked for any additional details of how she came to be in our family. So we told her about the phone call, packing in a rush, and getting on a plane early the next morning so that we could all go and pick her up. I told her about how excited we were and how tiny she was when we first saw her.

When I stopped talking she got up from her chair and walked around the kitchen table and gave me a big hug and said, “I love you mommy, you are the best mommy ever.”  She made my heart melt. I love my little Madilyn and know that we are doing the right thing by being open and honest with her. I also know that in the future her questions will be harder to answer. We will just take it one step at a time one question at a time.

**Very 1st photo of my kids together--July 2008

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