10 Benefits to dropping 30 lbs….

pantsMy life has personally changed due to dropping 30 pounds.  Today I want to take time to share with you the benefits I have experienced with weight loss.

  1. Chronic lower back pain is gone.
  2. I dropped several dress sizes. I can almost shop in the “normal” sized clothing sections of the store now.  This has improved how I look since most designers feel that “plus sized” people want to wear brightly colored clothing with no shape whatsoever.
  3. I have more energy. I am no longer tired all the time. Sure I get tired, but I don’t feel tired 24/7.
  4. This is kind of sad, but I feel like my students, their parents, and employers respect me more.
  5. More self-confidence.
  6. I look and feel healthier.
  7. I have increased my life span and stopped any further damage to my body.
  8. People ask me for advice on health issues and trust me because I have been there and done that.
  9. I can play with my daughter without hurting or being tired. She is one busy little girl and I can actually keep up with her.
  10. I have finally learned to manage stress eating– well mostly. I am so much better at reaching for something other than food when stress starts getting to me.

Every extra pound can take a toll on your body and your mind. While many of these benefits seem small when looked at alone, when put together they do add up. I know that I am still not at what is considered to be a normal weight, but I am working on it and I am no longer morbidly obese.  This weight loss did not come easily and it has not been easy to stay on track. When I think about how far I have come it makes how far I still need to travel look easy.

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