My Thoughts on Baby Veronica


Most everyone has heard of the “Baby Veronica” adoption case. This is a case involving an adoption that is being challenged by a biological father who has ties to the Indian Nation. The child is 4 and up until Monday night her custody has been in question and in the courtrooms of several states. I hope that the verdict that was passed down earlier this week will stand firm and not be challenged again. However, I am sure that the biological father and his attorney are looking for ways to bring this back to the courts. I pray that they are not granted anymore court appearances and that Veronica and her parents can move on with life as a legal family.

I am angry that it has taken 4 years for this case to come to a close. I am angry that the welfare of children is put on the back burner and they are bounced from house to house while the grown-ups, attorneys, and court officials fight it out. I am angry that adoption is full of red tape and more difficult than it needs to be. I am also angry that adoption laws are not standard across this nation. It would make things so much easier for everyone involved if the laws were the same within each and every state.

I am concerned that cases like this one will keep others from perusing adoption out of fear of losing their child.  People should not be afraid of the process of adoption but cases like this scares many people.

I think I used the word angry a few many times in this post.

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