Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016chalkboard-300x190It is so hard getting back into routine after a vacation. It is especially hard if you are not feeling well. Both David and I have been fighting sinus headaches all week. We are hoping for a better week to come.

Madilyn had a great week. She was so excited to go to her first event at her elementary school. The PTSA was sponsoring a movie night showing, “The Croods.”  We had a good time together and it was fun watching her interact with her school friends. We made it a mommy daughter night.  She also had her first school portraits made. I cannot wait to see how they turned out.  On the educational front she has learned to count to 100 and has learned how to count beyond that. She really picked up on the number system quickly.

Caleb is as busy as ever. School work is being piled on, play practice most nights and the occasional fun time with friends keeps him very busy. We had his senior photo shoot this Saturday with Jamie. I am so excited to see the proofs from this shoot.

David had a hard week. He is training new employees, and truthfully the new people he is training are not making the grade. His week was made harder due to a headache that would not quit.

My week was busy. I spent a full 3 days in a computer lab training teachers on how to work with Career Cruising and their responsibilities as Advisors. It was a LONG week. I don’t know if I could ever go back to teaching in a classroom full time. I also got a much need haircut and color.

Today we rode out to Mercier Orchard and picked apples. It was a fun family time. Of course we had to pie some fried pies and apple cinnamon donuts. This trip marked the start of  Fall for our family. Fall is my favorite season, and I am looking forward to the changing color of the leaves and cooler temperatures.

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