5 in 5

scalesI have been trying to get back on track with healthy living by controlling my diet and exercise. Sometimes I cannot believe how challenging it is to do the right thing in this area of my life.

My GYM is having a contest called “5 in 5.” The goal is to drop at least 5 pounds in 5 weeks. That sounds like an achievable goal. The one problem is that the challenge started the week before my vacation.

While on vacation I did not make the right choices as to what I should eat and I did not have access to the GYM.  While I did not make it to the GYM I did try to walk most days. In addition to my lack of exercise I did not eat well, and I did not drink the amount of water that my body requires.

This week I am back on track with exercise, meal plans, and water consumption.  I have 3 weeks left with this challenge and I am positive that I will meet the goal. I enjoy vacations. I just wish that I were better behaved while enjoying time off of work.

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