Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)This was just about a perfect fall week. I really wish we could have taken some time off work in order to enjoy one of the beautiful fall days. 

Caleb’s week consisted a field trip to the Reserve Bank, with his AP Economics class. He also took the SAT again. He had a good score last time, but we are hoping for an even better score on this current test.

Madilyn is learning a lot at school. She loves seeing her friends and teacher every day. She is looking forward to a field trip to the pumpkin patch in a few weeks.

David decided to work at the lake one day this week. I will not lie I was a little jealous. I wish I could have been at the lake with him instead of holed up in my office at school.

For me work was spent getting ready for the big launch of the Bridge Bill to our 9th grade students. Training for teachers will be this coming week, and the launch will be next week. It really is a lot of work for what I see to be a senseless project. Arthritis bites. My knee has been in constant pain for the past few days. We wanted to take a trip to Helen this weekend but had to decide against it because my knee was not permitting me to walk well. I was really hoping that I would have more pain free days than I am currently experiencing.

This past week marked one year since David’s motorcycle accident. That was a scary time in our lives. I remember praying all the way to the hospital hoping that he would be alright. Everyday I am thankful that David he did not have more serious injuries. I am so thankful that he is in my life and the lives of my children.

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