Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016chalkboard-300x190David is out of town for work. He is across the pond in London and will be for another week. Let me just say this, being a single mom is the pits. I am so thankful that this is not how I live my life on a daily basis. Doing it all is hard.  There have  been times during this week I have just wanted to say it is okay to leave the kitchen a mess,  it is okay to not do laundry. However, if I slacked I knew I would regret it on my days off.

David is having a very busy week. He is training a new team of programmers to help with the current project. To save money the company David contracts with dropped his experienced (read expensive) team members for less experienced (read cheap help) team members. We got very little time to talk this week because in the mornings when we are home he is in meetings and at night when we are home he is in bed. It does not help matters that for some reason his phone is not working so all of our conversations are happening via Google chat. We have been able to video chat a few times, which Madilyn has enjoyed.  I am hoping that he will at least get to get out and enjoy the city this weekend.

Madilyn is having a great week. Her teacher let me know that she is doing much better with not talking so much during instructional time. Madilyn loves to talk. She talks non-stop so this has been a real struggle for her. She was so proud when her teacher let her know she was doing better this week. She misses her daddy and cannot wait for him to be home.

Caleb had a pretty good week. On Wednesday he had his fall senior trip. They went to Stone Mountain. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor trip.  This week is the performances for the fall play. So he has been very busy at night working on those and not getting home until late. I feel like I have not seen him at all this week.

It was nice to start my week out with a flower delivery from my husband.  Of course I was out of the office when they arrived, so they sat at the front desk all day on Monday. By Tuesday morning everyone in the building had seen the flowers and many had made comments about what a thoughtful I have.

I was slammed at work this week.  We had our PSAT/Bridge Bill Day on Wednesday. Being in charge of the Bridge Bill is not fun. I dislike this task very much. We worked with 9th graders to help them meet requirements. I am looking forward to a much slower work week. I miss David. It is lonely without him. I will be glad to have him home next weekend.

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