Long Week

David is finally home from London. He had a good trip. He had a lot of work to do but did have a chance to see the city and many points of interest. He was even in town on the queen’s b-day, and got a few photos of her in her annual b-day parade. We will post pictures in a few days when we get a chance.

I have completed 1 week of training and have another week to go. I have learned a lot and am feeling more comfortable about my new job. I just wish I did not have to spend so much time in a hot media center sitting on a hard chair. One would think that they could make these training sessions a little more comfortable.

David left just a few minutes ago to go to FL to pick Caleb up from his grandparents. He has been there for two weeks and is starting to get a little homesick, however, he will not admit that he is homesick. He is having his 12th b-day party with family this afternoon. On his actual b-day which is Thursday, David and I will do something special for him. I just wonder where has the time gone, my baby is now 12.

Tomorrow night when I get home from class we will no longer be scattered. We will once again be all together, as it should be.

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