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Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)What a beautiful and peaceful Christmas week we have had. This is the second year that we decided not to travel. David and I have been married 22 years and this was only our fourth Christmas spent at home. It was so nice to wake up in our own home on Christmas day. Sure we missed spending time with family, but traveling every holiday is a little stressful.

Sunday we had a great church service. Our pastor wrapped up his series called “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”  I can honestly say this was the best Christmas series I have ever heard. All of the messages were great and brought new insight.  Monday night we attended the Christmas Eve Eve event. It was really good. Lots of songs and a brief Christmas message.

On Wednesday, Christmas Eve we went bowling. We had the entire bowling alley to ourselves. I guess everyone else decided to go to the movies or something.  We hardly ever bowl so none of us do very good.  We all had a blast. One family member (not me) even broke 100. It was a fun family time. We have a tradition of letting the kids open one present on Christmas Eve. Madilyn opened up a game of perfection, and Caleb opened new slippers and pj;s.  We spent the evening playing perfection. I remember this game being a little easier. We never did get all of the pieces into the board before the timer went off.

Christmas Day was good. It was a little odd with it just being the four of us, but it was good. We started with chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. We opened presents and then played with new toys all day. Dinner was non-traditional consisting of smoked bison steaks, cheddar potatoes and green beans. I do believe that these were some of the best steaks I have  ever had.

The remainder of the week has just been doing normal routine things like going to the gym, cleaning house, folding laundry. We did start the task of packing up all of the decorations.

Now that the holiday season is behind us we are looking forward to 2014 and all that awaits us there.



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