10,000 Steps

shoesOne of my non-official health goals has been to get up and move. I find that sometimes in my job I spend 90% of my day sitting. Sometimes I sit so long that my legs and back are stiff and it is hard to walk. So several weeks ago I bought a pedometer with a goal of reaching at least 10,000 steps per day.

When I first started I thought this will be easy. Imagine my horror when the first 4 days I barely hit 3000 steps per day. Now in my defense we were on Christmas break and all we did was sit around the house watching movies, playing with toys and being generally lazy. I found that I had to get up and deliberalty move if I was going to make the numbers on the pedometer move.

I was determined that once I got back to work I would hit 10,000 steps daily. It took a few days I finally hit that mark. I have been able to hit 10,000 steps on  many days, but I also have a lot of days that fall short of that goal.  So for February one of my official health goals to hit at least 10,000 steps five days a week. I know that if I don’t make it a goal I will get lazy and quit checking the numbers throughout the day.

Half the battle is realizing what you are doing wrong and then taking steps to make corrections. For years I have had a job that does not lend itself to moving often. I need to make a conscious effort to get up and move. I have started the battle and will make it a win in the coming months one step at a time with 10,000 steps or more a day.

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