Morning Exercise

HOMEGYMFor the past two weeks David and I have been working out in the mornings. If you could have been a fly on the wall during days 1, 2, and 3 you would have probably died laughing.

We are both trying to get healthy. We both have been watching what we eat and working out at our respective gyms. A few weeks ago I decided that I needed to do more if I want to see results.

After much research I ordered “Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.”  The cover of the DVD says, “Lose up to 20 pounds in 30 Days!” Do I believe what the cover of the DVD says?  No. I did not buy it for a promise of drastic weight loss. I bought it because I believe that the moves on the DVD will help me gain strength and will help tone my body. I was pleased when David decided to join me in this early morning exercise.  We are up and ready to exercise each morning by 5:30. It’s early, but hopefully in the end it will be worth it.

After previewing the video I thought this won’t be bad. So the next morning I started with 5 pound weights and David used some weights he had from his therapy after his motorcycle accident. Within minutes I had to drop the weights I had and David was having issues with his weights  because of design.  That afternoon David went to the store and purchased some 4 lb weights.

On Day Two I moved to the 4lb weights and David took the 5lb weights I had used previously. Imagine my surprise when I found the weights were still too heavy. I did not realize I was so wimpy. So back to the store David went and he got me 3lb weights. All day long both of us were sore. I was sore in places I did not know I had.

It was so tempting to skip a day so that we could “recover.”  However we both got up and worked out hard on Day 3. It was hard, but we both made it through. When I wanted to quit he encouraged me. When he wanted to quit I encouraged him. We were both sore but we carried it through until the end. Now that we have found the correct weight size I think I will begin to see progress.  The one good thing about having to get more weights is as we gain strength we can both move up to higher weight levels. Before long we will have to go and purchase heavier weights.

After two weeks we have the hang of how to do all the moves. We have the correct size weights. We know the order of moves, so we are getting more reps in with each move.

However, in just a few days we will move up to Level 2 and will probably experience more pain and exhaustion.

Right now we are both feeling good and are sticking to getting up and exercising early each morning.

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