Our Decked Halls

LivingI love decorating for the holidays. David and I have been married for 23 years and I have been collecting Christmas decorations for as long as we have been married.  Each year I set a budget and buy a few new things to make our home even more festive than the year before. I am very careful with selecting items each year. I almost never buy a new decoration if it is not on sale and if I do not  have a coupon. I also will not buy anything that I feel will not hold up over time. Much of my budget is saved for the after Christmas sales.

Our living room is burgundy and gold. Our Angel on the fireplace is the centerpiece of the room. I know in most homes the Christmas tree is the centerpiece of the room but for us its the angel looking down on Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.

The dining room is crisp and white. David says it is so white that it feels cold. The nativity set in that room actually looks like an ice sculpture.  It looks pure to me. It is a place that I can go to and just sit and breathe and feel at peace.

Our kitchen is a mixture of stuff that we have had for years. It is also the home to the kids Christmas Tree that contains all of the ornaments that the kids have made over the years. The room is bright and festive. I enjoy starting my mornings in there because it looks like a happy place. foyerkitchen2kitchendining1 - CopyDining2 - Copy




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