A Christmas Memory-Christmas 1991

1stChristmasOur  first Christmas as a married couple. was in 1991. We were also both full time college students and were so glad to finally be finished the semester and with finals and to finally have some time to relax. We lived in a tiny little apartment and had very little money for gifts. I will put it bluntly…. we were poor, we were living well below the poverty level. We had a small tree that was decorated with red and silver balls and just one strand of lights. I think we spent around $30 for the tree and decorations. For us, at that time $30 was a lot of money.

We spent Christmas morning alone opening our few gifts and just enjoying our time together.  It was strange for both of us as we were from large families and this was the first Christmas we were not in the homes of our parents. That year we could not go for a visit due to lack of money and having to work to make money to pay the bills.

We spent the afternoon with some other couples and a few singles. We had a wonderful Christmas potluck dinner and an afternoon and evening of playing cards. It was the perfect way to spend Christmas when we could not be with family. So much laughter was shared that day.

We did not have much, but we had each other and our friends. It was a perfect Christmas.

Photo By Donna

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