December 25- Recap


We were to dock at 8 am and we were scheduled to disembark at 9:25, so we should have made it to my moms house by noon for Christmas lunch. However, that DID NOT happen.
Around 7 they announced that we could not enter the Mobile Bay due to heavy fog. They also announced that we were waiting for our guide boat to join us, and that once the guide joined us it would take 4.5 hours to reach the dock. However, 2 hours later our guide boat was still not there and the fog was still very thick.
We made the most of things and Caleb and David played a game of chess and then we found some cards and played cards. Time went by so slowly. I was not able to place calls but was able to update family with text messages. We told them not to wait dinner for us.
Around 12:30 our guide boat showed up, we docked around 4:30. Those who kept their luggage got to disembark first. We had no clue we would be delayed so we had them take our luggage the night before, so we were last to leave the ship. We got off the ship around 6 pm. Security went very quickly and we were in our car around 6:45 and made it to my moms around 8:00 pm.
It really sucked not being with Madilyn for her first Christmas Day. She was very excited to see us when we walked into the house. She had not opened her presents so we got to do that with her. We ate leftovers and filled everyone in on our trip and gave the kids gifts we had purchased for them in Mexico. Over all it was a good Christmas and a wonderful cruise.

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