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back_to_schoolIt is finally here, the day of the year that I most dread, the first day of second semester. This is a hard day for many reasons. Mostly it is hard because I have just spent two weeks sleeping in, and not living by a clock or a bell.

However, it goes beyond just not being able to sleep later. After two weeks of being a full time stay at home mom I have to return to the restrictive schedule of a working mom. There is no more shopping trips in the middle of the day. If I need something from the store I have to go shopping after I have already put in an 8 hour day at work. There are no more spontaneous trips to the bowling alley, or movie theater.  I can not just stop what I am doing and play with my daughter. There are no more slow mornings spent preparing a large breakfast, followed by a hot cup of tea and a leisurely Bible study.

Today I will meet with 78 students (maybe a few more), verify schedules, and verify employment. I will begin hourly presentations at 10:30 and they will not end until 3:30. I will be on my feet from the time the presentations start until the last bell of the day rings. In the few minutes between classes I will answer emails and try to find time for lunch. It will be a long day.

My day will continue for several hours after I clock out at work.  I plan to hit the gym prior to picking up Madilyn. Upon arriving home I have to make sure that dinner is ready and that laundry is in process, homework must get done and gym/school bags must be packed for the next day. However, I am cheating today and having David pick up chicken from the store on his way home. I am not superwoman so I know that making dinner from scratch is not an option tonight.

The January weather has a lot to do with making it difficult for me to get back on schedule. I very much dislike cold weather. I dislike it even more when it is not only cold but also wet. It is very hard for me to get moving on these cold January days. All I want to do is curl up in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of tea. However duty calls and I must get myself and my family out the door and back on schedule cold weather or not.

Success as a full time employee and mom depends on having a schedule and being prepared. If I do not stay on schedule I will have to sacrifice some things that I would like to do. Usually the first item I cut from my time is going to the gym or sitting down to write a blog post. I am really trying to stay on top of things and be prepared so that I do not have to miss my GYM time or blogging time.

I hope that all of you that have to get yourself, kids or spouse back on schedule have a great day and make progress. Hey before we know it February break will be here.

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