Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)It was so nice to have a long three day weekend. I like three day weekends because that means we only have a four day work week.

I guess Caleb is enjoying life as a college student. David keeps up with him through “Clash of Clans.”

Madilyn is loving her cheerleading classes. This Wednesday afternoon class is the highlight of her week. I wish she put as much enthusiasm in her school work and learning as she does into cheerleading.  She is also now in the Level II Lego Robotics class.  She had fun with this class last semester so we decided to let her enroll in the level II class. I like it because it incorporates design and programming.

David has been horribly busy at work.  They have a new site release on Monday so things have been crazy for him.  He had several long days this week. He has also taken on a pretty big project here at home. He is designing and installing rain barrels and a garden irrigation system. The rain barrels need work because we are using recycled pickle barrels instead of proper (expensive) installation ready rain barrels.

I have been doing some experimenting in the kitchen. Two pretty good recipes have been created and recorded. So I will call it a success. I am also still on track with reading the Bible in a year. I must lead a pretty boring life because the highlight of my week was finally having a working oven.

Life for the Lloyd’s seems to be moving forward at a steady pace.

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