Missed Workouts

hourglassI am trying very hard to not miss workouts. When I do miss a workout it is usually because time got away from me. I tend to beat myself up when I miss working out.  However I need to remember that sometimes life happens, sometimes time runs out. A few weeks ago I missed a workout due to Madilyn’s dentist appointment running long. Then the very next week I missed another workout due to having to wait for a repairman to come to repair the oven.  I even missed my scheduled workout yesterday once again, due to having to wait on the oven repairman yet again. These things were out of my control yet I still beat myself up about missing the workout. 

For me missing one workout is a gateway for missing more. It is so easy to find an excuse to miss the next scheduled workout. I need to break this cycle and do better with not letting one missed workout lead to two missed workouts which leads to three and so on. I am trying to do an at  home workout when I miss my scheduled gym workouts. It is sometimes hard to workout at home due to all of the distractions at the house.

Sometimes after missing a workout I over compensate during the next workout. This always leads to disaster. I end up hurting something and then end up  in pain for a few days which leads to additional missed workouts.

It is a vicious cycle. I just need to remember that one missed workout is not the end of the world. Getting back on track the next day is the best thing that I can do.

How do you handle missed workouts? 


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