Trying not to be Scary Mommy

man_woman_heart_3The past few years have been stressful. Being a parent is hard. Being a parent when you feel old and run down is even harder. Things seemed so much different when I was 31 with a 6 year old.  Now 12 years later having a 6 year old seems impossible at times.

I am just trying to get through each day without  becoming “Scary Mommy.”  You know the mom I am talking about; the ranting, yelling, vein popping out of my head, eye twitching, head bobbing, finger pointing mom. Sometimes it takes all I can do to keep “Scary Mom” out of sight. I know that all kids go through phases and all of us are tested by our kids. But right now I just want to throw my hands up in the air and say, “I am finished.” I know this is not an option, because as parents we just can not give up. There is no quitting when it comes to being a parent.

I am sad, frustrated, concerned and worried.

So you are probably wondering what has me all worked up. Well my daughter loves to talk. She will not shut up from the minute she gets up until the minute she goes to bed at night. Who am I kidding, she does not even stop talking long enough to get a restful sleep. YES, the child talks in her sleep. Her constant talking is affecting her learning. She is so busy talking that she is not hearing what her teachers are saying. She gets in trouble almost daily at school for talking. Her talking had led to her being disrespectful to her teachers and to others. This is not a new problem, it has been going on since Pre-K.

David and I have done everything that we can think of to help her learn that she can not talk non-stop. No consequence seems to bother her. She does what she wants to do. It is now a fight of the wills hers verses ours. Our evenings are no longer fun. Instead of doing fun things we have to do the work that did not get done during the day. We have to teach her the things that she missed while she was busy talking.We spent all last summer working on Kindergarten work so that she would be ready for 1st grade. I don’t want another summer like that. She is capable of learning during the regular school day, she just needs to be quiet and do it.

David assures me that Caleb acted the same way. I must be really old because I don’t remember it being this hard. Of course I was 12 years younger.

If you are a praying person pray for all of us. I know this too shall pass, but it is concerning to me since her education is being affected. She is falling behind as each day passes, she just does not realize the consequences of the choice she is making.



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