Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)What a week. This week has been a long one and an expensive one.

It seems like everything is starting to fall apart. The little things are starting to add up.  We have had several household items bite the dust the past few weeks.  A few weeks ago it was the oven, this week it is one of our toilets and the kitchen lights.  The handle broke off the toilet so we had to make repairs. Most of the kitchen lights blew, when we replaced them we fond that the ballast on one has gone bad. While these are rather inexpensive by themselves they are starting to add up quickly with all of the other unexpected expenses we had this week.

My car needed front and rear breaks and two new tires. The bill for those items almost made me pass out. The mechanic said it is time for a new timing belt and water pump and I will soon need to replace the remaining tires. I love not having a car payment, but I hate the repair bills that come with having an older car.  Caleb is also having a few issues with his car. It does not want to start easily. We think (and hope) it is because it stays parked for extended periods of time. We have told him to drive it every other day so that we can be sure that that is the issue.

It just seems like everything needs attention all at one time. The house, the car, the kids, our jobs.

Madilyn is still enjoying her cheerleading class and her Lego engineering class. She likes cheer leading better. However, I feel the engineering class will be more beneficial to her in the long run. She is still having a few issues at school with being a social butterfly. I just pray that one day it will click with her that she can’t be so social and learn at the same time. Due to her talking so much she has not been paying close attention in class so we are having to play catch-up at home. This is NO fun. She is such a fun and loving child, she just talks entirely too much.

Caleb came home for the weekend. It was good to have him here. I am thankful that he goes to school close enough to home that he can come visit us a few times a month. He is already having to make decisions about next year. Dorm assignments, meal plan or no meal plan, roommates. It won’t be long before he has to start picking his classes for next  year. Time seems to be moving at warp speed. With these decisions come more expenses in the form of deposits.

David is super busy at work. It seems like this project he is doing just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He has been under so much stress at work. He comes home exhausted from his days. He had hoped to get our rain barrels completely installed, but it has not happened because he has been too tired to work on them during the week. He had planned on working on them with Caleb this weekend but they ended up doing some work on Caleb’s car and David’s truck.

Life for me has been more of the same. Work, and home. Not much in between. I kind of like it that way. Things are mostly predictable. I am enjoying my “She Reads Truth 365 Days” of reading through the Bible. It is the 1st thing I do everyday when I get up out of bed. There is just something about starting the day in his word and with prayer.

I am hoping that this coming week will be less expensive with no surprises that end up costing us money.


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