God Knows

BibleStudyRemember the former things, those of long ago;  I am God, and there is no other;  I am God, and there is none like me.  I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, and what is still to come. Isiah 9-10

I find the life story of Joseph to be fascinating. The story of Joseph unfolds in Genesis chapters 37-50.  He is the long awaited son of his mother. He is a favorite of his father. He seems to have a pretty good life until his brothers become jealous and sell him as a slave. He is then moved to a far off and strange land. He goes from being a shepherd, to living in a big city as a slave, to a prisoner.  He resisted the wife of his master only to have her tell lies about him which resulted in him being thrown in jail. How he must have wondered where God was during this time. How he must have questioned what was going on with his life.

His life did not stop with becoming a prisoner.  God did not leave him. God had a plan.  God knew that Joseph would become a leader and held in high esteem by the Pharaoh.  God used all that happened to Joseph to bring about a reunion with his family and to save them when a great famine came to the land. God Knew what was going to happen. The bad things were allowed to happen so that the good things could happen. 

GOD KNOWS…. sometimes our trials and pain lead to great reward. When the trails of life get to be too much we need to keep holding on and keep having faith that God knows what is going on and if we stay the course and trust him everything will be alright.

Several years ago I was very happy with my job. I had been working at a school for 8 years, I was well respected not only in the school but also in the county. I was also a leader within the school. Then we got a new principal. At first I did not think anything about the change in leadership. This was going to be my third principal in 8 years. No big deal, right? Wrong. The first day of work this principal came into my classroom and attacked me in such a furious angry manner that I actually cried. It wrecked me. He was angry over an untrue rumor that he had heard about me. Once this was cleared up I thought that things would get back to normal. Boy was I wrong.

For the next 2  years I endured verbal abuse. I endured threats of “I will find someone that can do this job better than you.”  I would get physically sick when I was summoned to his office. This man knew that he could break me. I really believe that he enjoyed bringing me to tears. I used to love teaching and I loved that school.  I dreaded each and every day that I had to go to work. Some days I would sit in my car and cry before going into the building. I called in sick as often as I could get away with it. This principal sucked the life and joy out of me. A job I loved had become a torture.

By January of my 10th year at the school I had come to the decision that I could not return. I did not care if I found another job or not. I told David that I was going to start seeking a new job and I was not going to sign my contract for the following year. At the time teaching jobs especially Business Education jobs were few and far between. I had made up my mind that even if I had to switch careers I had had enough of the abusive work environment.

Through all of this GOD KNEW. He knew that I would not leave my comfort zone of 10 years unless I was pushed out. He knew that I do not like change. He knew Madilyn was on the way–even though we had no clue and had given up on adoption. He knew that I would need to be in a less stressful situation.  He knew I needed to work closer to home. He knew that my current job would be created and posted in April of that year. He knew that I would be offered the position on the very day that my current contract was due. He also knew that the principal that had treated me so poorly would resign during the summer of that year, but I did not know that.

Had this principal treated me with dignity and respect I would have never started looking for a new job. I would still have an hour commute to work and home resulting in 2 hours less each day with my family. I really enjoy my current job. I enjoy working with the students I have. I enjoy working with the business leaders in our community. I enjoy serving the community in which I live. I am once again in a leadership position, and am gaining respect through out the county. It took a bad situation for me to take action. The situation I endured was not a surprise to God, he knew it would happen and he knew what the results of my leaving that situation would be.

While I did not see it at the time God was in control and he knew.  

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