Where did summer go???

Today is my last official Friday of summer. Monday I have to start back to work by attending the annual GACTE conference. Unfortunately this year I am going to this conference on my own time and not being paid to go. Last year the dates of the conference were tied to my school contract dates which was nice. However, this year since my contact days have been cut, this conference is cutting into my summer and I am not happy about that. The kicker is that we also no longer earn Professional Development Units for attending this conference. So I wonder what is the point of attending is other than going to small group sessions that may or may not be related to what I need to know for my job.

I finally got all of the documents necessary to apply for my upgraded teaching certificate and pay grade increase. When I dropped off the paperwork I was informed that the pay increase was retroactive to May 13 which was when I graduated. So that is nice I will have a little extra in my August check.
I just can not believe that summer is over already.

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