Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016chalkboard-300x190This week has just been a blah week. Sinus issues and dreary weather has made me feel icky all week. I am thankful that this weekend has presented us with nicer weather. 

Madilyn is continuing to do fantastic at school. Our home has become a much more peaceful place because she is able to behave and focus at school and home. We no longer have to spend hours after school doing school work. She can finish  her homework in just a few minutes. Her confidence is growing with each passing day. Her teacher reports that she is doing great on her work and is able to ask and answer questions that a few weeks ago had her frustrated to the point of tears. She now enjoys going to school and does not dread having to do make-up work at home.

Caleb made it through mid-terms and starts Spring Break this week. I am disappointed that his break falls at a different time than ours does, but I knew it would happen sooner or later. He will be coming home in a few days to spend some time with the family before concluding his first year of college. Seems like time is just flying by.

David is exhausted and stressed. Due to an unexpected illness of a co-workers young child he has had to pick up extra work task. He does not mind doing the extra work it is just tiring. I am glad he works for a company that has compassion and understanding during an unexpected family crisis. He is finally starting to feel better after months of having sinus and other respiratory issues. Hopefully, this will be his last round of antibiotics and he can start feeling like his normal self. This sinus stuff just decided to linger with him. The first few rounds of antibiotics did nothing for  him. This round appears to be doing its job.

Work for me was not great this week. I now have a sinus issue going on. I spent most of the week fighting a headache and nausea. I am starting my busy time at work and really need to get to feeling better quickly, so that I can work more effectively. I am hoping that over the weekend I can get to feeling like myself again.

Here’s to hoping and praying for a better week.

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