Fall Break (Wednesday- day 5)

Enjoyed another lazy day in Florida. I love having a fall break. We ate breakfast at Shutters again. We all tried something different. We learned that the flooding in GA was pretty bad. However, we have learned that our town has not been hit hard. That was a bit of good news.

We spent the day being lazy. Madilyn really loves the water and Caleb enjoyed the pool slide. The beach was basically not an option due to the harshness of the tide. It was too dangerous to take Madilyn on the beach when the waters were so rough.

Caleb went to church with Jeremy and Jan, while David and I took advantage of having a “date night.” We had heard the Ocean Grill restaurant was a great place to eat. It was wonderful. The view was awesome, and the food was mouth watering. It was nice to spend time alone with David without worrying about the kids or anything else. We do not get very many date nights, so it was great to have one while we were on vacation.

While we were at dinner a storm came through. It was a sight to see the waves get rough, and the clouds rolling in over the water, really beautiful to watch. It moved through quickly, which was good because as much as I liked watching it, I did not want to get soaking wet going back to the car.

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