Fall Break (Thursday- Day 6)

Today we visited the Sebastian Inlet and Fishing Museum. This museum has artifacts from David’s family on display. It was interesting to see family history on display. We had planned on swimming in the inlet but changed plans when we arrived. The inlet was full of 3 bus loads of happy elementary students who were enjoying a field trip. So instead we spent time at the pool, had dinner at Diane and Aubrey’s and returned to the hotel a little early in the evening because Madilyn was teething and wanted to go to bed. One of the best things about having a 13 year old and a toddler at the same time is that the teenager can babysit the toddler so the mom and dad can have a few minutes alone.

Madilyn was asleep by 8:00. David and I decided to take a walk and find a nice quiet place to get a cool drink. We found The Green Cabin Room on the resort site. We sat on the porch and enjoyed each others company, shrimp cocktail and a cool drink. We could not see the sunset but it was nice to feel the ocean breeze, and see all of the stars in the sky.

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