October- Gone already???

So my last post was in September and today in Nov. 2. Where did the month of October go?

Random Happenings in October:

  • Attended the first of several “Leadership Academy Classes.” Maybe I will get an AP job this coming year.
  • Caleb was assigned the Science Project from the deepest, darkest pits of hell. His teacher is a wack job. I really can not wait for 8th grade science to be over.
  • Madilyn has had to go back on breathing treatments. I was hoping to get further along in the year before this happened.
  • I got accepted into KSU to work on my Ed.S degree. Classes start in January. Am I really ready for another 2 years of college?
  • Trying to remember that God is in control even when it appears he has left the drivers seat.
  • Madilyn had a Halloween Party at her day care. She dressed as a circus monkey and was so cute.
  • Hoping that November and December do not go by as quickly as October did.

Hang on to your hats, because I am sure November and December will be just as exciting =)

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