Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)This week was great. We had perfect weather almost everyday and my family is back together under one roof. Caleb is home for the month of May.

Madilyn is enjoying these last few weeks of school. It is amazing to see the progress she has made in just a few months. We went from being held back in first grade to being promoted to second grade with no reservations from her teacher or administrative team. Madilyn is so proud of the progress she has made and so are we.

Caleb has completed his 1st year of college. He was able to maintain his GPA so that he will receive the HOPE Scholarship again, and remain in the GSU Honors College. He is home for a few weeks. At the end of May he will be leaving for Palmdale, CA to spend 10 weeks working at the Armstrong Flight and Research Center, NASA.  I am excited for him and so very proud of all of his accomplishments. However, I will miss having him around this summer.

David celebrated another Birthday and we celebrated 24 years of marriage on Friday. We have grown and come so far together during these past 24 years. I really do wish that more people could experience the kind of relationship that we have with each other. It breaks my heart to so many in unhappy marriages. It breaks my heart to see so many marriages ending. I do not take our relationship for granted for one moment because I know that life is fragile and things happen. I am just glad that we have been able to hold it all together for this long.

My mothers day was wonderful. It started on Saturday with a message for me in the driveway. That long sloped driveway is good for something after all. Sunday morning church was good. David cooked a nice Sunday dinner that included crab legs. I spent the day watching movies with the family and just enjoying being with them.



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