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Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)We can all tell that the end of the school year and end of the work year for me are nearing.  We are all moving a little slower in the mornings, we dread spending beautiful days locked inside cinder block walls. Soon it will be over and a few of us will have summer off. Sorry David and Caleb, you two have to be in the grown up world of lots of work and only a little play.

Madilyn is done. She is ready for summer. Each day has been a struggle to get her up, moving, and ready to go. She seems to get slower with each passing day. She likes school, but she is just done. I need her to hold on for two more weeks.

Caleb arrived home from school and had done a lot of sleeping and some prepping for his upcoming trip to California. He received  his official NASA email address this week along with more paperwork to complete. It gets more real with each passing day. We put him to work in the yard. The weeds have taken over, and the bushes decided to grow a lot so they need to be trimmed back. Its nice having him home, not just for the free labor but I enjoy seeing him on a regular basis.

David is working as hard as ever. He approached his employer about working a few days from home and they were receptive to the idea. So he now gets to work from home two days a week. He misses working from home full time. He was much more productive working in the quiet of his office home with no distractions. Office environments are full of distractions and time wasters. I still don’t understand why so many businesses do not understand that time and money can be saved by letting some employees work at home. Just think what it would do for high traffic areas if companies let more people work from home. If your job is 100% on the computer there really is no need to spend time on a daily commute.

I said goodbye to my seniors at work on Friday. We have had a pretty good year. Now I am left with just 6 lovely juniors. My week should be pretty easy. We still have two weeks of school left. However, I am taking most of one week off to travel with Caleb to California. I actually made it to the gym several times this week and have been very diligent in drinking water and watching what I eat. The scale has been kind this week.

For the first time ever in my life I went to a professional make-up consulant and got some advice and help on how I should do my make-up and skin care. It was fun and I learned a lot. I think everyone that plans to wear make-up should go and get a lesson prior to beginning. The right colors and techniques make all the difference. When Madilyn gets older I will make sure she is taught by a professional the proper way to apply and remove her make-up. I see so many young girls that just don’t do it right and they look hideous.

I am praying for a good and productive week for all of us.

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