Day 2 at “Wilderness at the Smokies”

We had a great day today. Because we were all too lazy to get cleaned up and ready to leave the lodge we decided we would just have breakfast at the “Thirsty Miner.” After the dinner we had there last night we were not expecting the breakfast to be very good. We were very surprised that the breakfast was good.

After breakfast we went to the water park and enjoyed the morning. Madilyn and Caleb both enjoyed our time spent at the water park. Of course, Madilyn had to take time out for a nap so that she could be pleasant this evening.
This afternoon we went to the outlet mall. We mostly went to the baby outlets to buy Madilyn a few new outfits, but we did make it into Lids and a few other stores.
Our highlight of the day was having dinner with our very dear friends Cheryl and Joe Manis. We have known them for about 18 years and have so much in common. We had dinner at the “Applewood Farmhouse Grill.” The food was wonderful, but the company was even better. We enjoyed spending time with Joe and Cheryl and their wonderful children. After dinner we all came back to the lodge to just hang out and spend time together. I really wish we could see them more often.

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