Wilderness at the Smokies- Day 3

We decided to do breakfast again at the Thirsty Miner since it was pretty decent. After breakfast we headed to the water park. I had thought that Caleb may be done with the water but he and Madilyn both were ready for more fun in the water. We had thought about going to Gatlinburg for the day but it was sleeting and cold so we just stayed at the resort, which seemed to be fine with everyone.

We did venture of for dinner at a local Mexican Restaurant. The food was pretty good, but the service was a little slow. Guess everyone was busy because of the holiday.

Caleb was going to attend the New Year Eve Water Park Party but after being there for about 30 minutes he came back to the room. He said, “Someone is going to die in there.” Apparently the party was a big success and everyone at the resort decided to attend. At least he had sense enough to come back to the room. So he rang in the New Year by watching “Band of Brothers.” David and I showed our age by being in bed by 10:30. Of course sleep did not come easily because the resort passed out noise makers earlier in the day and people kept walking up and down the halls making noise with the darn things.

At mid-night Madilyn woke up screaming because she had been awaken by all of the yelling and people in the halls with noise makers yelling “Happy New Year.” It took about 30 minutes to get her back to sleep. Thankfully the noise in the halls died down by about 12:30 and we were all able to get back to sleep.

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