Welcome 2010- Hope it is better than 2009

It is only day 2 of 2010 and I am not holding out much hope that it will be better than 2009. The day started with my backing my van into a basketball post and damaging my tail light and rear panel. Then I knocked a computer monitor over and onto the floor. If today is any indication of how the year will go I just want it to go by quickly.

Today we went to IKEA and purchased furniture for the recreation room that we are creating. We purchased an additional book shelf and a table and 4 chairs so that we can play board games. For the time being David is using the table area of the recreation room as a temporary office space. The recreation room is almost complete, we are still wanting to purchase bean bags and some art work for the walls. It feels good to be making progress on finishing up the room.

Jacob Arron Nunn arrived this morning. He is 6 pounds, 12 oz and 19 inches long. I kind of wish I could be there to help Kim since Daniel is deployed but it is probably better that I can not be there right now.

Also– from the ruins of the fire, smoke and water damage THE APPLE LIVES. David had pulled a few machines out of his office hoping to be able to salvage parts from them. To our surprise when he turned on his Apple a log in screen appeared. He was able to log in and it appears that no data is lost and the machine is working properly. WOW. We never thought it would work.

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