Science Fair, KSU Class 2, and more

I took the morning off work to go to the Science Fair with Caleb. He did have some tough competition, but felt like he did well with his interviews. The participants were given the afternoon off from school. We stopped by the house and picked David up and went to lunch at R&M’s in downtown. We all ordered the “Donna Special” which is a favorite of many of the customers. I was unable to attend the awards ceremony due to having class at KSU. David went with Caleb and we got a sitter for Madilyn. Caleb did not win, however, he did receive an honorable mention. He was very upset and disappointed, but with life comes much disappointment.

I am much more comfortable in the Thursday night class. This class is full of all NEW Ed.S students and we are all starting at the same point, so no catch up work for this class. However, unlike the Wednesday night class that only meets every other week for 5 hours this class will meet every week for 2 hours and 30 minutes with a 15 minute break. Having 2 classes on back to back nights will be hard, but somehow we have got to make it work.

Today was the first day I did not go to the GYM this week. I had to go get a prescription so I did not have time to hit the GYM before heading to class at KSU. Since my surgery in November I keep having recurring infections. These infections are very uncomfortable and just bothersome. I want my body to heal and be back to normal. I don’t have time to deal with recurring infections. Once agian these infections serve as a slap in the face and a reminder of all that David and I have lost. I just want my life back.

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