This and That

Its been a while so I will just hit the high points.

  • Revolution finally has a full time pastor. We have heard him speak a few times and I like him. We are hoping that a youth pastor is in the near future somewhere. If not we will have to reevaluate our church situation.
  • Puzzled as to why the old pastor is starting a new church in the same town. I have thoughts on the matter but will keep them to myself.
  • I applied to the county for a promotion to be an Assistant Principal. It will be several months before any decisions are made. If I do not get an AP job I will just stay in the position I currently have for a while longer.
  • Madilyn’s adoption was finalized a year ago this week. The time has flown.
  • Grad school is a little tougher this time around. I probably need to devote more time to studying and reading, but my time is already spread pretty thin.
  • Still struggling with health issues from the D&C I had to have in November. I have several symptoms and just can not get back to feeling 100%. Since the surgery my immune system has been horrible. I am sick all the time and have recurring infections. It pretty much sucks. I just want my body to be back to normal.
  • In January I lost 4.5 pounds and according to the BMI machine at the gym all of that was FAT. So I am happy about that but disappointed that I only lost 4.5 pounds. I also lost 11 inches of of my body mass. That makes me feel good, but I still have a long way to go.
  • It is only day six in Feb and I have been to the GYM 4 times already. The cardio class I went to this morning kicked my hind end.
  • Thinking about getting a new car. I had a love affair with Saturn for the past 18 years, but the last 4 have been horrible. I hate the Relay and regret that we ever got made the purchase.
  • Still have bad days and good days, but the good outweigh the bad. However I do want to reach out and slap a few people. When you are expecting and are only 1-8 months you should not say “I just wish this baby would go ahead and come.” What a stupid thing to say, the baby will come too soon and be at risk. Next time someone says that to me I think I will find a picture of a baby born too early and send to them. People need to stop and think about the stupid things that they say.

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