Day 3- Paris- Part 3

Once we made it back on the bus we got a break from the scams. Our next hop off was at the Musee du Louvre. WOW! This place was awesome. I am not really an art person but I had an appreciation for this building and all of the wonderful works of art that were displayed. We spent several hours exploring the art. I am sure we did not see half of what the place had to offer.

We did see the Mona Lisa. I have always thought this painting was over rated. I just don’t get it, after seeing the painting I still don’t get it. I am sure that some of my art friends will be able to enlighten me.

We saw everything from sculpture, paintings, drawings, tapestry, poetry you name it we probably saw it. The religious paintings were something to behold. Many of them were twice the size of my living room walls. They had so much detail and so much going on in the painting.

The problem with some of the art work was that the placards were not written in English, so we did not know what the descriptions of most of the paintings said. So David and I made up our own descriptions for some of the artwork.

The Louvre closed at 5:30, so we did not get to see as much as we had wanted to see. We decided that we needed to find a snack and do a little shopping before heading back to the train station. We found a quiet little cafe and order chocolate crepes and coffee. The crepes we quite good. We then walked around the city looking for a doll for Madilyn. We thought it would be nice for her to have a doll from our travels. Doll in hand we made it back to the train station around 9 ready for the return trip to London.

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