Trip Day 4- London

After the very long day we had had in Paris we slept in a little on Sunday. We decided to spend the day in London just wondering around and seeing where we ended up. We only had one stop in mind and that was Harrods.

We ended up at Buckingham Palace. The grounds around the palace were outstanding. We spent quite a while just roaming around the courtyard outside the palace and looking at all of the sculptures and monuments.
What I liked about Buckingham was that I was not made to feel like a criminal. There were a few guards in plain site but it was not over kill, like here in the states. I know tha
t there were probably many undercover police that we did not see but it was nice to be near a place of government and not feel like I had no right to be there. In the name of Freedom, our government has striped us of our rights. The White House is no longer the house of the people, tourist are treated like terrorist until proven not to be. I was glad that the people of the UK had not gone over board like the US has done. I do not feel any safer with all of the “security” the US has in place. I actually feel like a prisoner in my own county at times.
Buckingham is surrounded by Saint James Park. It was a beautiful spring day for a lovely stroll in the park. It was great to see so many families, couples and individuals enjoying the park at Buckingham without being harassed by law enforcement. Don’t get me wrong, we do need law enforcement but we do not need to feel like we live in a police state. The US has crossed the line and now it will be near impossible to turn in the other direction.
Once done at the park we decided to go back to the main square in London to get some pictures of the sculptures and enjoy the fountains. However, when we got there it was wall to wall people. The people of London were celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. So we decided to keep on walking and find an out of the way place for a quite Sunday Lunch.
We finally found a great pub for lunch, it was an out of the way place that did not seem to be frequented by tourist much. There was a group of men watching a game on TV, but other than that there where not many people in the pub. They had a Sunday lunch of Roast Beef, mashed and fried potatoes, mixed vegetables and bread. The meal was wonderful and very filling.
After lunch we decided to head to Harrods. Unfortunately for our our GPS was WRONG. The GPS sent us to a temporary Christmas location for Harrods toy department. By the time we discovered where the store was we decided to just give up and go back to our hotel. It had already been a long day and I had an assignment to work on for KSU because I had mixed up the due date and I had to get up early the next morning to catch my flight home.
All in all I really enjoyed the few days that David and I had in London and Paris. This trip came at a really good time for us. The past several months have been very difficult for us and we are still processing all of the events that have occurred since November. We do not understand why we continue to take one hit after the other, or why my body will not completely heal from the D&C but we are trying to get back to where we need to be even though it has been a difficult path to travel.

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