When will it end????

I have had enough! We seem to be on a never ending winding road of pain, loss and suffering. I am so tired of taking hit after hit after hit. I am tired of everyone telling me it will be alright. Just when we start to see an end in sight something else happens.

Today David took Madilyn to the doctor for a recheck on an illness she had last week. She had contracted one of the many forms of a Rhino Virus and had become lactose intolerant. Today at the appointment they decided that she needed to see a cardiologist for a heart murmur. They had detected the murmur in January but said we should not worry about it, because most kids grow out of them within a few months. Well Madilyn’s is still detectable after 3 months. Her lips, hands and feet have also turned blue several times recently and shivers like she is cold for no apparent reason.

Madilyn has an appointment on Monday at 11…. I hope an pray that nothing is wrong, but with the way my life has been going I just feel like the results are not going to be good.

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