Not much has gone on at the Lloyd house this week. We spent a lot of time at doctor appointments for routine check ups. We can all still see, we still have all of our teeth, and for the most part are all in general good health. I am still having health issues but thats a post for another day. I have decided to follow through with a decision that I had been pondering for the past several months. I made an appointment with Caleb’s orthodontist and have made the decision to get braces. I had the consult on Wednesday and had spacers put in on Thursday. In a few weeks the actual braces will be installed.  I have always been insecure about how my teeth and smile look. Actually, when I smile I try not to show my teeth. I am not looking forward to the next two years of looking like a fifteen year old girl, but I am excited about the end results.

I feel like once I get the alignment of my teeth corrected I will be more confident. This is important to me since I will be seeking a promotion next year to an Assistant Principal. I know I do a great job at work. My track record proves my accomplishments. Much of my time at work is spent being self-conscious about my smile. Now that my job requires me to spend so much time in the public eye I want to feel better about how I look.

I still have one major decision to make within the next six months.  I need to decide if I am going to finish up with school and stop with my specialist degree or if I am going to go all the way and earn a doctoral degree. It will be a hard decision to make, but one that must be carefully considered.

One Response to “Smile”

  1. Jessica Montour says:

    Donna, I’ve always thought you had a beautiful smile! But I do know how self conscious people can get about teeth lol. Just always remember, the end result is worth it! I LOVE MY new smile 🙂 I know you will love yours too!