Family Update

Late last week I got a sneak peek at the new branding and designs for David’s business. The project is shaping up and hopefully will be ready for release soon. I think that people will be quite impressed with the new look and feel of the company.

Caleb had a successful first week as a freshman. He likes most of his classes and teachers. He is learning the ropes of a new school and he has done it without me being there to help him along the way.  I guess my baby boy is growing up. He had to have an ingrown toenail cut out so he is limping around and in some pain, but he will be alright.

Madilyn had a great week. She has been in such a silly mood the past few days. She is getting a little better with being gentle around mommy and is not being as clingy and upset about me not being able to play with her as much as she is used to.

I am doing pretty good. I seem to be healing well from surgery. I still have a little pain and am tired a lot, but I guess that is to be expected. I am getting bored out of my mind having to be in bed so much.  I have been able to catch up on television shows that I thought would be interesting to watch but never had time to watch. I may even be able to finish a novel or two in record time.

I am thankful for several ladies in the church who have provided meals for us during my recovery time. Each meal has been wonderful and greatly appreciated.  Thank you ladies for helping us during this time.

Over all we had a pretty good week.

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