Almost back to normal

Life is starting to get somewhat back to normal around the Lloyd house, but we are not there yet.

Caleb seems to be enjoying school. He has joined the drama club and is going to be working behind the scenes on the first play of the year. He plans on moving from behind the scenes to the stage later this year. In addition to drama club Caleb is still active in scouts and has several activities planned with them during this month. It looks like the Lloyd taxi service will be up and running at full speed this year.

Madilyn has yet another black eye. Thankfully this one happened at daycare. She fell off of her cot during nap time and is sporting a shiner. She has adapted extremely well to mommy not being able to pick her up. I love that she wakes up singing almost every morning. She is such a happy little girl.

David has been super busy, since he had a big release due for work this past week. He is still being super dad and husband by taking care of everything with the kids and around the house. He did get to get away this past Sunday. He went on a motorcycle ride with the Revolution Riders. They went to Cave Springs, GA. It was good for him to get out of the house. His description of the place makes me want to check it out for myself. Caleb did a great job caring for Madilyn while David was away. Madilyn missed her daddy while he was gone and she was sure to let him know by attacking him with lots of hugs and kisses when he got home.

I had my two week post-op appointment yesterday. The doctor said that I am healing well, but I still need to take it easy. I can only do very light house work, and must still spend a lot of time resting. I have started to do a few things around the house, but after just a few minutes I feel totally wiped out. I am suppose to start back to KSU tonight, but I was able to make arrangements with the professors to miss classes this week. I hope to be able to attend class next week so that my life can seem a little more normal.

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