Thankfulness Day 22

Good health and good sense are two of lives greatest blessings- Publilus Syrus

Today I am thankful for the continued good health of my family.

Last November, I became ill and stayed sick for 9 months. It took my doctors months to come up with an accurate diagnosis so that I could be treated properly. This illness has caused me to be very thankful for my present good health. I spent months fighting constant infections, rashes on my skin, stomach aches, headaches, general flu like symptoms and several other symptoms. I took pain medication several times a week for months, at times the medication did nothing to curb the pain. In July I finally received a proper diagnosis and proper treatment. I have felt better than I have felt in years. I have enjoyed 4 months of being pain and sickness free and it has been wonderful.

I can count the times Caleb has been truly sick on one hand. He has had perfect attendance at school for more years than I can remember. The kid never gets a sick day. Madilyn had us worried about her health for about a year after she was born. However, she has thrived and has been the picture of health for the past several months. She is catching up with her peers and no longer has to do regular breathing treatments. David fights seasonal allergies and bronchitis about once a year, but other than that he is as healthy as can be. I work with kids and hardly ever have to take a “real” sick day. My sick days are usually mental health days. I am thankful that my health has been restored to what it once was.

We have been blessed with great immune systems and over all good health in which I am very thankful.

What are you thankful for today?

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