The Thankfulness Journey

“The road of life twist and turns and no two directions are ever the same, yet our lessons come from the journey not the destination.” Don Williams, Jr.

The past 25 days in which I have posted my series entitled “25 Days of Thankfulness” has been a marvelous journey for me. During the past 25 days I have focused on the good in my life and have resisted thinking about the negative things in my life. I have dug deep into my soul to discover the things in life in which I am truly thankful.

I noticed that many people on social networking sites were posting about the things that they are most thankful. I found some of them laughable such as candy, video games, and football. Sure these things are nice and make our lives more enjoyable, but these things only tell the story of our surface not what is deep inside of us. I started this series to shift my focus from the surface to the deepest places within me.

I have found over the last 25 days that I am most thankful for my God, my family and my country. Looking back at the post almost all of them could in some fit into one of these three categories. I hope that those of you who joined me on this journey of reflecting daily on your life and what you have to be thankful for have ended the journey knowing what truly matters most to you in your life.


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