Give me this….

“Give me this, I want that…” I hear so much of this during the holiday season that it is troubling. During this time of year David and I focus on the true meaning of the Christmas–  the birth of our savior. We try very hard to teach our children that Christmas is not about how much stuff you get.  As a mom I want to give my kids the things that they want for Christmas. However, I do not want to over indulge them and diminish the true meaning of the holiday. Sometimes it is hard to strike the proper balance.

In the late 80’s Babbie Mason sang a song called “My Never Ending Shopping List.”  When my focus shifts to “wants” I remember this song, and think how ridiculous we must sound to God and to others when we are whining about all of the frivolous things that we want in life.

My Never Ending Shopping List- Lyrics

Lord, I need to talk to You.
There’s so much on my heart.
So many burdens make it hard.
And I don’t know where to start.
I thank You for my family,
Your mercy and Your love.
Now on to more important things,
I’ll give my magic lamp a rub.

Gimme this, I want that,
Bless me Lord I pray.
Grant me what I think I need to make another day.
Make me wealthy. Keep me healthy.
Fill in what I miss
On my never-ending shopping list.

Lord, You’ve been so good to me.
How could I ask for more? Cause what else is prayer for?
But since You said to ask, I will,

The cattle on a thousand hills,
They belong to You.
I don’t need any cows right now,
But something else will do.

The lyrics to this song sound like so many people in the world today:  give me, give me, give me.  I hope to never be the kind of person who is always wanting more. I hope that my children grow in to adults who will treasure the true meaning of Christmas.

What will your focus be this Christmas Season?

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