Our Nativity

Each  year the very first Christmas decoration that is pulled from the attic and carefully displayed is our Nativity. The Nativity was the first real Christmas decoration that David and I purchased after we were married. While the Nativity set holds no monetary value it holds a lot of sentimental value.

The unpacking and setting up of the Nativity each year is a family affair.  As each piece is carefully removed from the paper it has been wrapped in for storage, we talk about the importance of that particular figure to the story of the birth of Jesus. We have told the story of the birth of Jesus using this Nativity to our children, our nieces, nephews, and to many foster children who have been in our home.

Each year I see beautiful Nativity sets for sale and think about buying a new one.  Then I remember the year Caleb broke the hand off of one of the wise men, and when yet another wise man lost his crown jewel.  I remember the Christmas that Caleb “got it” and realized that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. I remember the face of a foster child who could not believe that the birth of a baby in a barn is why we have Christmas.  With these memories and many more, I think this Nativity will stay with us until it falls to pieces and can no longer be used. After all there is nothing wrong with having a wise man with a missing hand, is there?

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