Our Kitchen Christmas Tree

Several years ago I decided that we needed a small Christmas tree in our kitchen in order to help make the house a little more festive.  When I decided to do this I wanted it to be special and not just another tree.  This tree has turned out to be very special. Every ornament on our kitchen Christmas tree was made by my children or contains photos of the children. I treasure each ornament on the tree. Each year as we decorate the tree so many memories come flooding back from previous years.

It has become a family tradition for the kids to spend some time making an ornament each year. I enjoy watching the children create a special ornament for the tree. This year, Caleb painted a Christmas Tree and Madilyn painted a star. Madilyn beamed with joy as we hung her ornament on the tree. Each time she walks by the tree she says, “I painted my Christmas star.”  We have accumulated so many ornaments, that we may have to find a bigger tree in the coming years. This has become one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

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