Memories of Grandma

A week ago today our family lost our beloved grandmother. She was known by many names; mom, grandma, grandmother, double G and just recently she was dubbed as “the other grandma” by my daughter who does not understand the generational relationship. She was NEVER called granny because granny is what you call old people and in her words she was, “not old enough to be a granny.”  Grandma will be loved and missed by her sister, children, grand children, great grand children and friends.

I have many memories of my grandma. She along with a few of my uncles took me and my sister Roxie on our first camping trip. We had so much fun camping at the lake. It was a treat that she invited us to go along with her. Grandma was always the first person to wish me a happy birthday. She never forgot a birthday and always made sure that I knew she was thinking of me on my special day. Grandma is the one who let me know that I in fact was not adopted but a biological member of the family. She told me that besides the fact that I have Ritchey eyes, she was there when I was born. I never doubted I was a Ritchey after that.

I got to see her and spend time with her this past Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for that last visit. She beamed a great big smile when Madilyn climbed up in her lap and just sat there. It made her so happy to be able to hold my Madi again. I wish I would have taken a picture that night. We got to play cards one more time and share a few laughs. When I hugged her good bye, she told me she was proud of me and my family. She also told me that this would be our last goodbye. I had heard that from her before but this time for some reason I believed her.

I miss grandma greatly. However, I am so glad that she did not linger in pain on this earth. She was a believer and I believe she is now pain free in heaven.

* Photo taken on Madilyn's 1st birthday- June 24, 2009


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