Family Update

Caleb finished his first semester of high school. Boy did that go by quickly. He got all A’s and B’s. I really like that I work at the school he attends. I get the chance to do what most parents want to do but never get a chance to do. I get to see him interact with his friends, see how he acts in the hallways, and I have daily conversations with several of his teachers. Caleb is excited about his first drama performance which will happen during the 1st week of February. He has practice several nights a week and is really enjoying drama. He also got his braces off a few months ago and now only has to wear his retainer at night. He has such a beautiful smile.

Madilyn has discovered VeggieTales. She loves Bob, Larry and SweetPea. Watching some of the older shows takes me back to when Caleb was this age and reminds me of how quickly time flies. All too soon it will be Madilyn who is getting out of braces and finishing her first semester of high school. She is almost potty trained. She does really well during the day and early afternoon. She wakes up dry several times a week so we are thankful for progress.

David is doing good. We finally decided that we just need to go ahead and set up a formal work space here at the house for him. We have  been unable to find any place reasonable to rent in the area. So he purchased a desk unit and we spent time this weekend taking stuff out of the play room and setting the room up as an office space.  The past year of not having an appropriate space to work in has been hard on him. This home office will be just fine until we are able to expand the business.

A new semester has started at KSU and I am taking 6 credit hours this semester.  I really like learning and going to school but sometimes I feel like I just don’t have the time to do it all. Work is going well. I really like my job but am ready to take on more responsibility. I am praying that I will be given the chance to put all of my education to use in the near future. I started back to the GYM this past week.  After the surgery I had this past summer I was not allowed to workout for several months. When I was released to workout again in mid-October I really did not feel up to it, and then we got busy with the holidays. My goal is to workout 3 to 4 times a week, which I did this week.

All in all everything is going great for the Lloyd’s right now.


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