All A’s

I am super proud of Caleb. He got all A’s for this grading term. He has always been smart and we have always helped him along by pushing him to do his best.  I was a little hesitant to let him take all honors courses.  I am glad that we did not change his schedule because he is proving he can handle the harder classes.  Next year he will attempt his first AP class by taking AP World History.

Caleb is knocking freshman year out of the park. Many kids tank during freshman year. They don’t realize that the grades they make during this year count toward their GPA and will affect their college choices. They have gone through years of school where grades only counted for that year. It is hard for them to adjust and realize that the choices and grades they make now will affect them for years to come. It is sad to see so many freshmen failing courses because they are not studying or applying themselves to their school work. Its even sadder to see those same kids as disappointed seniors who can’t get into the college of their choice or in some cases don’t graduate on time.

My prayer for Caleb is that he will continue on his current course with good grades and smart choices.

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