Celebrating 20 Years (early)

David and  I decided t0 celebrate our 20th Anniversary a few weeks early. During Spring Break  last week we enjoyed a wonderful time together on Carnival’s Elation. I am thankful that my sister and parents were willing to watch the kids so that David and I could have this time together.

Our trip started in Mobile with stops in Cozumel and Calica. We took a lot of pictures and will hopefully have them uploaded on our flickr account within the next few days.

Day 1 and 2: We were able to board with VIP status because we had booked a suite. VIP status allowed us to by pass the very long line of passengers after security and placed us in a very short line to verify passports and other boarding documentation. We did not expect to be able to board until 12:30 however, they began boarding around 11:30. By noon we were in the Tiffany’s having our first of many wonderful meals.

Around 1:30 we were able to get the first look at our suite. It was wonderful.  After spending this cruise in a suite I am not sure if I will be able to go back to a normal room. The room was very large and had a sleeping area, sitting area, walk-in in closet and a large bathroom. Additionally the suite had a private balcony. David and I ended up spending a lot of time just sitting on the balcony.

David and I opted for the early dining option since we always eat early. We were very pleased with the matching that Carnival did with our table mates.  With the exception of one couple we were all the same age, similar professions, children and hobbies. We had some really great dinner conversations. The one couple that did not mesh well with the others spent dinner complaining about everything. They were much older than the rest of us and acted a little snobby. I was glad that they decided not to join us for dinner the rest of the week.

On Tuesday we woke to marvelous weather. We spent the day at sea reading, lounging, and attempting to play mini-golf on the top deck. Our game was not successful because of the wind but it was still lots of fun. It was such a great way to spend our first full day of vacation.

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