Anniversary Cruise Day 4

Thursday we woke up in the port of Calica. This port is not within walking distance of anything so guest wanting to explore are required to rent a car, get a taxi, or leave the port on a shore excursion bus. David and I booked an excursion that included a short bus ride to a beautiful beach resort to go snorkeling.

We had a blast at the resort and snorkeling. The water was so clear and the temperature was perfect. We had to swim a pretty good distance in order to reach the reef. However, this swim was shorter than the one we did a few years ago in Cozumel. Our only regret about this excursion was that our water proof camera quit working so we were unable to get pictures of the beautiful coral reef or the fish that call it home.

On shore the kids that were on the excursion enjoyed feeding the Iguanas. At one time we counted 12 sun bathing on a nearby wall. The resort also had a great pool and restaurant. David and I met an retired American couple that call this resort home. They were very friendly and nice to talk with.

During dinner we learned about “Xcaret” from another couple who spent their day there. Sounds like a place we might have to visit if we ever find ourselves in the area again.

The Calica port is not fancy or pretty to look at but the water and the view of the peninsula from the top decks of the ship was breath taking. Some of my favorite pictures from this trip were taken as we were leaving port. Our photos can be viewed by going to our flickr page. There are not many pictures of David and me, but there are lots of great pictures of the beautiful sights we saw.

**Picture by David Lloyd- in the background of the picture you can see the waves breaking in the distance. 
That is where the reef is that we had to swim to in order to snorkel.

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